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Você quebrou tudo e também ainda rio. Tem faz exame, mim esquece-se, seja-se total dele possui. Que remanesceu você por ela? Nada! Mas eu transformo-me você sempre amor. Mas não mais não interessa, porque não há nós por muito tempo mais por muito tempo!

8.3.07 02:10

My best friend

I know you'd catch me if I fall, but you can't always be there right by my side. I know that there were good and also bad times, but I don't wanna miss minute of those. Instead of having prejudices, you've looked into my soul and discovered another side of mine.

Not at least because of this I can honestly say: You are my best friend!!

8.3.07 02:57


There are times when you feel
that you dont know where you fit in
so you hide what is real
even when it hurts to pretend
to be the one that you think
everybody wants you to be!
No one sees
the one you really are,
but you don't have to hide your heart,
cause nothing bout ya needs to change
Sometimes it might seem hard
and your whole world falls apart
just know that when you feel that way.

It's ok to doubt yourself sometimes
you don't have to be afraid
of what you fear inside
it's alright.
When you look in the mirror
and you don't see picture perfect.
What they say break your heart
and make you feel you're not worth it.
What does this feel?
Hide the tears
still play and make believe,
so no one sees.

not alone
don't be ashamed
to let your feelings show.
You should be alive!
You´re special who you are!
time you're gonna see...

8.3.07 03:11


_*********__( ô ô )__*********_
_ **************************_


8.3.07 03:18

Beautiful rose...

___________*_______** * ___________

*****_______*_______* _____
********_______* ________
__***_________*******_** __________
*******__________** _______________
_*******_________* ________________
__******_________*_* ______________
___***___*_______** _______________
___________*_____*__* _____________
_______****_*___* _________________
_____******__*_** _________________
____*******___** __________________
____*****______* __________________
____**_________* __________________
_____*_________* __________________
_____________*_* __________________
______________** __________________
______________* ___________________


8.3.07 03:37

Juzz me

So, jetzt mal was über mich!!

Erstmal ein Foto:

Ich weiß, nicht schön aber selten bzw. einzigartig =)

Ich heiße Cindy, bin 15 Jahre alt, werde aber am 26.April 2007 !!!16!!! Eigentlich war dafür 'ne Party geplant, aber...EGAL!!

Joa, meine Hobbys sind Musik, insbesondere RnB, Hip Hop etc., öhm... Basketball und Volleyball.

Hmm...ich hab 'ne sehr große Familie..okay das interessiert glaube ich keinen! =S

Keine Ahnung, was ich noch so schreiben soll... Wer fragen hat kann ja fragen =)

8.3.07 04:00


Gestern hat Bayern 2:1 gegen Real Madrid gespielt.

Während Makaay das erste Tor in der ersten Minute schoss, fiel das erste Tor von Seiten Madrids erst in der 83. Minute durch van Nistelrooy.

Somit zieht der FC Bayern München ins Viertelfinale ein!!

8.3.07 04:18


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